• SDS Seminar

    The SDS Seminar series is a space for SDS Hub participants to share and listen to work by scholars from Edinburgh and further afield. These will take place twice a semester. Unlike the SDS Workshop series, papers will not be circulated in advance as this is a venue for more conventional academic seminars. The seminars…

    SDS Seminar

  • SDS Workshop

    The SDS Workshop is a space for SDS Hub participants to share work in progress, provide feedback on the work of other colleagues, and discuss project ideas. Papers for each workshop will be circulated in advance for participants to review before each meeting. Meetings will be hybrid and Zoom links for each event will be…

    SDS Workshop

  • SICSS-Edinburgh

    In 2023 we will be hosting the Summer Institute in Computational Social Science (SICSS) for the second time.  Please contact Christopher Barrie or Tod Van Gunten for information. SICSS is an international network of training programmes in computational social science. See more information and how to apply here.