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SDS Workshop

The SDS Workshop is a space for SDS Hub participants to share work in progress, provide feedback on the work of other colleagues, and discuss project ideas.

Papers for each workshop will be circulated in advance for participants to review before each meeting. Meetings will be hybrid and Zoom links for each event will be circulated on the SDS Hub mailing list prior to the event. Details of upcoming workshops are below:

TitleSpeakerDate and TimeVenueRegistration
Machine Learning Models for the Measurement of Media CriticismChristopher BarrieMarch 10 2023, 4pm-5.30pm 1.15 Informatics ForumClick here to register for the event

Workshop Details

Machine Learning Models for the Measurement of Media Criticism

Abstract: The ability of news media to criticize government is a core pillar of media freedom. Existing indices tend to use scoring criteria or expert surveys to develop over-time measures of media freedom. In this article, we use the largest existing dataset of Arabic-language news to evaluate how political reporting changes over the course of a successful and failed democratic transition. Using entirely unsupervised ALC word-embedding techniques, we demonstrate how to generate temporally granular measurements of media criticism that closely correlate with measurements derived from expert surveys for both Egypt and Tunisia. Crucially, the technique we propose is computationally inexpensive, effectively cost-free, and eminently scalable. In this, our work points to new possibilities in the monitoring and measurement of media capture within authoritarian and transitional settings.

Methods: Word-embedding; NLP; Transformers