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SDS Seminar

The SDS Seminar series is a space for SDS Hub participants to share and listen to work by scholars from Edinburgh and further afield. These will take place twice a semester. Unlike the SDS Workshop series, papers will not be circulated in advance as this is a venue for more conventional academic seminars.

The seminars will be hybrid and Zoom links for each event will be circulated on the SDS Hub mailing list prior to the event. Details of upcoming seminars are below:

SpeakerDateInfo & Registration
Eleojo Abubakar9 October 2023click here
Ben Tappin23 October 2023click here
Eddie Ungless6 November 2023click here
Marilena Hohmann20 November 2023click here
Almog Simchon22 January 2024click here
Soubhik Barari5 February 2024click here
Anja Neunderf (joint seminar with CDCS)19 February 2024click here
Emily Godwin & Darja Wischerath4 March 2024click here